Mndfl Mats is an ethical Australian based yoga lifestyle brand that brings your the highest quality and innovative yoga products with all natural, eco-friendly and sustainable materials, lovingly made for mndfl moments. We're driven by our love for yoga, wellness, and passion to be a positive force on this planet. Our collection is designed in Australia and enhances and inspires your practice, naturally, giving you space to move, reconnect and invite moments of relaxation. It's our belief that yoga, wellness, and this planet we live on are all linked - all one in the same. So we hope that with our products you not only FEEL good, but also DO good. We truely believe that making earth-conscious choices and bringing nature into our yoga practice, we support the Earth and feel that much more grounded and connected. Our products are crafted using natural, biodegradable and recycled materials, free from synthetics, chemicals, and harmful plastics like PVC and TPE (yuck!). We create innovative all-natural, yoga products, eco-friendly yoga products that don't cost the Earth. A pure blend of functionality, natural elements, beautiful design. Take our eco-luxe yoga mats - they feature unique fine art aerial prints and feature leading technology to re-purposes plastic bottles. Our mats are 100% ethically, sustainably and mindfully made with no additional harshies. Optimal functionality meets natural elements and uniquely beautiful design. They’re sustainable, functional and oh so darn beautiful with no additional harshies. Just love. We know yoga’s is good for our bodies - now it can be good for the planet, too.

Some Things We Care About
  • Our Planet! That's why are committed to create the most eco-friendly products possible. Our mats feature a 100% natural rubber, synthetic suede and water-based ink. No toxic materials.
  • Durability! We designed our mats using only high quality materials that ensure many years of joyful practice!
  • Communities! We love to give back! We are often involve in activities and events that promote social responsibility and opportunities for people around the world.
Our current sustainability initiatives include:
  • We plant a tree for every sale
  • Our yoga mats are made from recycled plastic bottles and all natural rubber
  • We ship all of our products in compostable packaging
  • We have paper-less processes in the offer
  • We design and produce products that are not throw away - they are made to last
  • We work with ethically compliant manufacturing companies and are committed to the communities in which they live and operate in
  • We ensure that we integrate good corporate behaviour into all aspects of our operations
  • We believe in looking beyond financial results to include social, environmental and ethical indicators in our performance measurements 
Our Founder

Mndfl Mats was founded by yoga teacher, yogipreneur and Indigenous Australian, Emma Ceolin (@emmaceolin). Emma first stumbled across yoga in 2013 as a therapy for her own anxiety and depression and it changed her life forever. After graduating a Bachelor of Business and undergoing over 1000 hours of intensive yoga training, she left her corporate role to share her love for yoga and founded Mndfl Mats, Yogaventures and The Anxiety Effect. Today she holds the highest yoga qualifications possible (ERYT®500, RPYT®, RCYT®, YACEP®, RYS®200), has shared many successful sold-out yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States, and is considered one of Australia’s leading health and wellness professionals. After years of travelling, teaching yoga, and freediving around the world, Emma started to see the effects of climate change and was passionate to do her part. She turned vegan (meat and dairy industry accounts for a huge part of climate change) and changed up how she lived and how she did business as usual. With Mndfl Mats, it was her hope to offer natural and recycled products that don't end up in landfill or in the ocean. So, a love for feeling good AND doing good was born.